Asuza street revival

Asuza Street Revival

The Asuza Street Revival that took place in Los Angeles, California, was a landmark movement in the history of the church. The revival took place in a decapitated mission hall downtown. The HolySpirit fell mightily on attendees in 1906. The street revival was glorious because it witnessed the downpour of the HolySpirit on all races present in the meeting; the hispanic, whites and blacks. Even those stepping off the train in the central station fell under the anointing. The meeting ended racial segregation among worshipers and all worship in unity, love and peace.

On more than one occasion, the fire department was called to the Asuza street mission to what was believed to be a fire outbreak, but the Spirit of the Lord descended in visible forms of flames on the building. Healing and miracles were recorded. Worshipers paid the price through fervent prayers and relentless worship. And God turned his face to the cry of His people and pour out His Spirit on them, which is a fulfillment of His promise in the scriptures that in the last days, God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh.

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