on the rail

On the Rail

Train is the fastest and easiest means of transportation. Though considered to be dangerous, a minor error on the rail could cause a fatal accident. Trains are mostly used in developed nations as an alternative transportation option and its usability has boosted their economies. But in Nigeria, the system has been crammed down the holes as a result of corruption and mismanagement.  Gone are the days trains were considered a major and vibrant medium of transportation especially in the 60s and 70s when the Nigerian economy and political system were void of corrupt practices. The new millennium has witnessed the demise of the rail system and Nigerians resort to the lanes, sea and air to shuffle round the earth. Across the rail are people, great and small alike hopping unto to the train to shuttle them to their destinations. Just like the regular transporters; Eti, Danfo and Mass Transit, the train is no different.  It has become an overloaded Molue on the rail. Passengers hopped unto the coach both on seats and stand points. The roof of each coach is a reservation spot for thugs who puff smokes from cigarettes and wrapped sheets, sip liquor and throw stones at pedestrians. With no iota of fear, both old and young hung onto the train as it races on the rail. Even traders of all sorts transact their businesses along the rail without fret. Force men rack their beings with restlessness. Left and rightwards they swing at their emergence in search for refuge. And after disperse, they return back to the rail. To correct these ills, the Railway Managers and Stakeholders must be duty alert. There must be strict enforcement on the rail and it use to ensure the safety of the citizenry.

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