The Baton

Who makes the law and breaks it? This has been a daunting question I ask myself repeatedly. True! Our country Nigeria is regarded as the giant of Africa and blessed immensely with abundant resources which remained unutilized for decades. With a dense population of more than 170 million people, the nation by world rankings declined from “less developed” to “under developed”. It is common knowledge that corruption had sunk deep into the system. It has thrived for years and we are all guilty. The irony however is evident in ONE MAN. He takes all the blame for our problems and those of our predecessors. And we are justified in our deeds. Our beloved country is plagued by crisis because our laws exit only in the scrolls and this breed lawlessness. In the days of old, the law exists because of SIN. It was used to chastise those who derailed from the creator. However, in our present day society, the law is a baton of authority used to correct the ills of the people. In this regard, the law is categorized into two cogent aspects; the law of God and the law of Man. The Law of God cannot be broken. But the Law of Man can! Man makes his Laws and breaks it. We are all breakers of the Law. In our jungle, there are rights to law breaking. Our so called leaders possess the authoritative rights and political will to perpetually break the law whilst the citizenry are the end receivers. Wonder why Officers of the law (In any cadre) trained and equipped adequately to protect lives and properties of the people would abuse such powers and responsibilities. They are above the law meant to be enforced.  They are called to serve the public. But it is a pity, they only serve Self! Self therefore is the order of the present day society. It is often said “there is no ONE above the law” but the truth be told, there are humans above the law and they exist in all societies even in the Western world. The Nigerian society is no exception. The Lords of the law erroneously use the law to the detriments of the people. They hold the BATON against Us. Nigeria has had a fair share of the good, bad and ugly from the past to the present: Misappropriation of public funds, Tribalism and marginalization, political crisis, public decadence, Massive unemployment and Underemployment, the surge of Fulani herdsmen, BOKO Haram, The abduction of Chibok girls and Dapchi girls to mention a few, are all defects of the law. They can be exemplified in a relay race in which a runner passes on a baton to another till the race elapse. These storms linger from one dispensation to the next through the exchange of the power baton. In addition, the sustainable growth and development of the country depends not only on good economic policies, social circles, and political game powers but on the effective use of the law which is the core of every governance. The practice of the law must be at equilibrium. Our leaders must be servitude in nature and must be guided strictly by the law.

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