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Writer’s Lead

Writing is not just dabbing ink on a piece of paper. It’s an art that transform life into words. Words that express our deepest imagination, feelings, activities and events. It goes beyond the ordinary, things unseen, unheard can be expressed in words to spark our belief system. It is usually said that the way to a man’s heart is food, but the way to success is also food. This food is not consumed physically but intellectually. It’s knowledge. While the ordinary food we consume daily expires over a period of time or in a matter of seconds, minutes or hours to enhance our body growth, the intellectual food last forever. It restructures our belief and helps us build a life path. An empty brain is an empty life. Knowledge is the food the brain requires and it’s not farfetched. It’s everywhere. It is derived from the information which is either extracted from our daily life experiences or in a book. In the world of today, people prefer to acquire knowledge from what they see and hear rather than what they read. And as a result, they do not create the impact they are purposed to make. Secrets and life treasures are hidden in books. That’s why only few have it. Only those that are willing to go the extra mile of searching and digging deep acquires such knowledge that strengthens, transform and drives goals achievement.

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