Reader’s Delight

Reading is hard work. Not everyone has the luxury of time and patience to bury his mind and brain into the comprehension of words in a book. A lazy mind would always find it extra difficult, not just hard to source the knowledge and wisdom hidden in books. And the treasures of life can only be tapped when the knowledge acquired is maximized. It’s no different from speaking. You must be a good listener to be an intelligent speaker. Likewise reading to be a good writer. Its intertwined. A writer must devote 60% of his time to reading and rest into writing. It’s not about the quantity of books written but its quality. A writer who has no words to read would have no words to write. Most inspirations are drawn from experiences recorded in books whose authors act as mentors for budding writers. Reading is an inevitable part of human life. We’re taught to read from childhood into adulthood but not trained to be visionary through books. Let’s not overemphasize it. Believe it or not. Life could be encompassed round a book. Strange! Isn’t it? A book looks too small even with a million pages to encapsulate an entity called Life which is vast and ending. Let’s not forget that the world which creates the habitation for our lives can be viewed in one gulp; through the pages of a book, the Bible. If the world with its treasures, formation, rulerships, spiritualties etc. are wrapped up into the Bible, then it’s a lot easier to visualize life through a book. Read one today, be it motivational, mentorial, poetic etc. to dig out the essential needed for your growth and development.

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